It’s Mardi Gras season y’all! – English Version

March 4, 2016, Gil Lemes


Fair Day – Victoria Park (Chippendale/Darlington)

It’s Mardi Gras season y’all!

People from all over the country flock to Sydney’s streets during late February early March for the stunning carnival that is Mardi Gras and the Gay Pride movement the carnival represents throughout generations.

Amazed by open arms Sydney even if not by Mister air BnB tourists and locals mix in a Saturday of binge drinking and shit talking down Oxford street.

The Gay pride parade as seen all around the world has a different innuendo in Australia’s biggest metropole whether you want to enjoy a day/night out with friends and very little covering your naughty bits, or just out to get some, snobby Sydney bows down to democracy when it comes to this colourful party.



Proudly inaugurated by me and the wonderful team of Ambush Gallery the season picked up with a beautiful and touching exposition in Bill and John’s urban gallery in the heart of Chippendale.

Hosted in Central Park Mall, that massive green building opposite UTS (A.K.A my absolute favourite creative spot) Ambush brought to the city’s youth a delicate view on transgender teens going trough their transition on finding their desired bodies.

The most interesting demographic of the attendees that launch night consisted of parents that brought their children to contemplate the beauty of genders.

A collection of Mardi Gras posters throughout the years got Sydney’s stonewall era babies nostalgic, the pop art covers and their colourful assemble showcases what gay culture does it best – to provoke.


For the posh queens the Star Casino opens its doors for Fag Tag at the Sky Terrace, with views from Darling Harbour to Pyrmont bay ,this breathtaking venue hosts for consecutive 10 years one of the world’s greatest gay parties (bleed your heart out I Remember House).



It is no Alyssa’s secret that the Texas queen loves Australia, without her house of Edwards entourage Alyssa will warm up the crowd this Saturday at Moore part for Brit pop’s finest – Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Every gay man or woman that grew up in the early 2000’s can’t get resist dancing to “there’s a murder on the dance floor (you better not kill the groove…), the mother of 2 has a strong fan base in the land down under; guarantee of an endless night of hit singles.


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